I am an experienced Salesforce consultant specializing in workflow automation to help companies do more with less effort required of their sales and marketing teams. I can design, configure, and deploy Salesforce to small- and mid-size Sales, Marketing, and Customer Support organizations, and help you optimize the deployment you already have. What makes me unique is I have a senior executive’s perspective on your organization’s needs and can design an efficient and uncluttered 360 degree view of your prospects, your sales pipeline, wallet-share opportunities with existing customers, your renewal management, and customer support interactions.




Tailored Tech

Practical and skilled help with project management, planning, marketing, websites, databases, IT infrastructure, reporting, evaluation and other tools to make your project a success. With over 20 years of experience helping non-profit organizations and entrepreneurs do good things better, Sophia Kelly helps make it happen. Sophia built my site and I recommend her work to my clients.


Radical Unicorn Creative

Clearly communicate what your business offers and attract the right clients and customers with your first impression. For over a decade we have created unique branding for the radically expressive change makers and artists of all kinds. Musicians, yogis, tattooists, astrologers, teachers, activist, burners, healers, therapist, influencers and dreamers queer as can be. We welcome all the fringe folk that are courageous to be out and proud with their passions. Let your freak flag fly, we will embrace your need for creative freedom.