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About Authgnosis

Authgnosis was created out of a desire for me to provide my expertise to small and mid-size companies without the historical problems working with consultants that I had encountered in my own work as a senior executive

I created Authgnosis to be the “anti-consulting” firm:

1. Guaranteed. Simply put, if you don’t like what I deliver, you don’t have to pay my invoice. 

2. Affordable. If you have an interesting problem I know I can solve, I’ll make sure that you can afford my services, whether you’re a start-up or a mature-stage company.

 3. Short-Term. I don’t want to make you dependent on me. I want to discover, assess, recommend, implement, transfer skills, and get out of your way to let you do what you do best.

4. Implementation. There are very few consultants that can offer you a strategy, a tactical plan, and perform a complete implementation of a revenue-repair plan right down to configuration/deployment of enabling software platforms like CRM sales, marketing, service, and systems integrations; or call-centre platforms, sales process training, individual sales coaching, hiring sales and marketing personnel, writing content and messaging for websites, storyboarding, and even writing call scripts. This helps with the speed at which we can effect change.

5. Different. I am going to challenge your comfort zone in more ways than one. However, if you are considering working with me, there’s a good chance you’ve tried the safe and orthodox solutions and they haven’t worked.

I assume the risks because I know what I’m capable of. You never pay for value that isn’t delivered. This is how all consulting engagements should work.



About Marissa 

Whether you’re trying to become an independent contractor with a company of one or you want to build an investor-grade Next Big Thing, I can help you turn your dreams into reality.


  • 35 years in technology business
  • 20 years as Founder/President/VP
  • Multiple successful startups
  • MBA
  • North American markets
  • Diverse industry experience
  • Products and services
  • Multi-channel sales and marketing